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and myself we would like to send our condolences to Family of Jose Fernandez and the Miami Marlins at the news of his passing.


Watching for Fun — Sox and Indians

Robbie - CopyThe Sox have a 2 to 0 lead in the bottom of the first with Jose Quintana in the office

We don’t have much time left with the boys and I want to enjoy them while they are still playing.

Adam Eaton is out on concession protocol and could return on Monday.

Q got himself with loaded bases and then out of the mess,  He has had to do that a few times this year.

This season has been a mess from the word go, starting with the pitching rotation. In my book that sets the tone for the season. Gong to the bullpen before the 5th or 6th inning also puts alot of stress on the boys. some of them having to pitch longer than they are due to .

It really is time for Robin to go. We need fresh eyes, someone who can inspire the guys and give better support. Maybe he does and we can’t see it but  it’s time for new blood at the helm

I wanted to listen to Hawk for the last few away games. I know a lot of you are not fans but I have learned so much about baseball and heard some great stories. I even write in Hawkisms, and created a couple of my own. Not sure if he will be back next season but I wanted to have those last few games with him just incase.

Bottom of 2 and the Indians get on the board 2 to 1. Jose is in a world of hurt at 50 pitches already. Chris Beck up and getting loose.

Top of the 5th saw Leury Garcia with a single, stole second and got to 3rd on a mis throw into center. Melky with a single getting Leury home for a 3 to 1 Sox lead.

Top of 6th and Todd Frazier puts it on the board for a 4 to 1 Sox lead.

We have good piece, losing Brett Lawrie, the curse of the center field, losing Charlie Tilson and Austin Jackson. Wonder if everyone had stayed healthy what might have happened.

On the way to the showers Jose slipped the keys in Tommy Kahnle ball cap, You could hear him yell when he put his hat on, “Damn Q that hurt”

Tommy is done, leaving the keys with Robin for Dan Jennings

Top of the 8th — J.B Shuck in to pitch run for Justin Morneau, hoping to see J.B next season. (yes, I am a fan partly due to him being a Buckeye). He is good in the outfield. If he could get some good consistent playing time things would improve. (He had a hot streak going with the bat but with the outfield moving around he lost time)

Todd is safe at first, the double clutch cost the out. Avi with a single gets J. B home for a 5 to 1 Sox lead. Carlos with a single getting Todd home for a 6 to 1 Sox lead. Leury Garcia with a single of his own to get Todd home for a 7 to 1 lead. Carlos Sanchez home on a wild pitch for an 8 to 1 lead.

Bottom of 8th and Nasty Nate Jones in the office. What a come back he has had. The back issues and then had to go through Tommy John. I think he is actually better now then he was before, his confidence and control is amazing. Working in some ways as a set up for David Robertson.

David Robertson finally turns the office lights out (1 out), Robbie hit the batter (by no means did he mean to ), Robbie with 2 on the pond, Finally Robbie shuts the door with that second out. (like the beard back), with another strikeout Robbie locks the door.

Final Score is White Sox – 8 and Indians – 1







Sale into Kansas City

Chris Sale with the office keys to open this 4 game series in Kansas City

Tyler Saladino in at short to give Tim Anderson a day off. Justin Morneau is still not 100% and hoping to be back soon.

Tyler opens the Sox hitting with a single, Tyler out on a steal, Jose Abreu with a single.

Chris’s 1st pitch is a strike

Todd Frazier walked to open the 2nd. Alex Avila walks moving Todd to 2nd. Avi Garcia walks and the pond is loaded, with no outs. Leury Garcia ground to 3rd, Todd home and Alex and Avi advance feet. Sox — 1 and Royals — 0.

Jose with a single opens the top of 3, Melky with a double. A sac fly by Todd gets Jose home for a 2 to 0 Sox lead.

Bottom of 5th and Chris’s no-hitter is gone.  Royals have tied up the game at 2 a piece.

Bottom of 6th and the Royals take the lead 3 to 2, they add another for a 4 to 2 lead.

Todd barely got out-of-the-way, Todd with a 1 out standup double. Alex with a single getting Todd home for a 4 to 3 game, J.B. shuck in to pitch run. Carlos Sanchez with a home run and Sox take the lead 6 to 4. Carlos 1st home run since 2015.

Top of 8th and Melky adds a solo shot for a 7 to 4 Sox lead.

Bottom of 9th and Chris refused to give Robbie the office keys, thanks to Leury and the office lights are out. (Chris gave up 1st walk) Door is shut thanks to a strike out.  Lock that door this game is ova with that strikeout.

Win #16 for Chris

Miguel Gonzalez will have to go digging in Chris’s locker to find the keys for tomorrow


Sox – 7 and Royals – 4


Who Gave James the Keys to the Office?

Final game of the series and for some unknown reason James Shields found the office keys. This could go one of 2 ways, Sox win the series or we split it. Winning the series would be nice since it is something we have not done all season especially against the tribe.

1st pitch a strike

For those who missed the game the boys wore the white pinstripe pants with black jerseys.

16 pitches top open the 2nd for James. It was not pretty but James with the flick from Todd got the 3rd out.

Top of the 3rd the Tribe would score their only run for the day when, (James has lost his control and has walked 2 after a single) Sac Fly gets the job done for a 1 to 0 Indian’s  lead.

The Sox get their 1st run in the bottom of the 4th when — Jose Abreu goes “Yard” to left for a 1 all ball game.

Top of 6th and James struck out 8, striking out the side.

Chris Beck got the keys from James as he was walking to the showers. Chris Leaves the Keys with Robin for Dan Jennings (matching left-handed batter to left-handed pitcher)

Top of the 8th and nasty Nate Jones found the office keys when he put his hat on.

Who caught Nate passing the keys to David Robertson during their secret handshake?

Bottom of 9th and it’s still tied at 1 all

Omar Narvaez at the plate – Leadoff single – pitch runner Leury Garcia to take over at 1st. Leury safe at 2nd on a steal, Carlos Sanchez at the plate and a single to right gets Leury home for a 2 to 1 Sox win


Sox — 2 and Indians – 1

Pack your travel bags we are going on the road to Kansas City for a weekend series with Chris Sale, Miguel Gonzalez, Jose Quintana listed as having office keys for the series.




Hey Carlos, The Keys are Under the Rosin Bag

Game 3 with the Indians today and Carlos Rodon will open the office today. This could go one of many ways, Sox Can win the series by winning today or we could split it 2 games all or, sssshhhhhh(sweep the series) but you didn’t hear me say that.

For those who could not see the boys are wearing white pants and black jerseys

1st pitch a strike.

With 2 out in the 1st Melky with a single

Thanks to a defect off the pitcher’s glove and a miscue by the shortstop Tyler Saladino is safe at first. RBI 3 base hit for Adam Eaton gets tyler home to open the scoring 1 to 0.

Carlos gave up 2 walks and with a triple the Indians take the lead 2 to 1. A broken Bat single and it’s 3 to 1 Indians lead.

Bottom of 4th and Todd Frazier with a stand up double.

Indians with a 3 run homer extending their lead to 6 to 1. (after that pitch Carlos is off to the showers, Blake Smith caught the keys)

Melky opens the hitting in the 6th with a single

Michael Ynoa stole the keys from Blake when he was in the shower.

Michael tucked the keys into Juan Minaya pants pocket

Final score

Indians — 6 and Sox — 1

Someone please hide the keys from James Shields so he cant pitch tomorrow





Look out for those Indians — Bark in the Park

It is game 2 and Jose Quintana is in the office tonight. the world record was set

Adam Eaton opens the Sox hitting with a single, Tim Anderson and Melky get Adam to 3rd, a single by Jose Abreu gets Adam home for a 1 to 0 Sox lead.

Indians tie up the score at 1 all in the top of the 2nd.

It’s the bottom of the 4th and it’s been the pitcher’s dueling. Score is still 1 to 1.

In the bottom of the 6th with the pond full, Cannon with a single getting Adam home for a 2 to 1 Sox lead. (Adam reached the pond with a walk, Timmy singled, Melky with a single to load the pond) Todd Frazier with a single getting Timmy and Melky home. It’s 4 to 1 Sox, Avi with a single getting Cannon home for a 5 to 1 Sox lead. Carlos Sanchez with a triple getting Todd and Avi home for a 7 to 1 Sox lead. Spanky with a ground ruled double and it’s 8 to 1 Sox lead.

Chris Beck with the Keys to close out the game, and he is able to lock up the office door with 37 pitches.

Final Score Sox — 8 and Indians — 1


Here Kitty,Kitty

Game three and Jose Quintana in the office today. It was about a half hour rain delay

The boys wore the whites today.

Tim Anderson opens the Sox hitting with a single, Melky with a double, Timmy slams on the gas and heads for home for a 1 to 0 Sox lead. Jose Abreu gets hung up in a run down, Melky heads for home to get Jose to 2nd.

Tigers take the lead at the top of the 2nd with a 3 run homer. Sox — 1 and Tigers — 3.

Tyler Saladino with a single to open the home half of the 3rd. Adam Eaton with a walk, Timmy gets the runners moved over, Melky with a single gets Tyler home for a 3 to 2 Kitties lead. Jose Abreu with a sac fly getting Adam home for a 3 all ball game.

Bottom of 5th and Jose with a single to right, Justin Morneau with a single of is own. it’s a fast ball and the boys advance 90 feet, but the boys are left on the pond.

Q picked off the base runner for Detroit

A kitties double and it’s a 4 to 3 Detroit lead. Q at 116 pitches leaves under the rosin bag for Chris Beck to let himself in.

Jose Abreu to open the 8th, with a single to left, Justin with a double getting Jose home for a 4 all game. (J.B Shuck in running for Justin)Avi Garcia with a single getting J.B home for a 5 to 4 game. Omar Narvaez with a walk.  Avi with a steal safe at 2nd. David Robertson up and working in the pen. tyler with a single getting Avi home for a 6 to 4 lead,Adam Eaton with a single to left getting Omar home for a 7 to 4 lead. the Sox batted through the order.

David Robertson in to lock up the office. (Nasty Nate up and working) Lights out (strike out) Melky with the pop fly shuffle for door closed, Door locked on a strikeout and this game is ova. Save #35 for Robbie

Sox — 7 and Kitties — 4

Day off tomorrow.

Mind your manners, the Royals are coming




Who got the Catnip?

It’s game 2 in the series and welcome back Miguel Gonzalez who opens the office today.

Zack Berdi has been shutdown for the season.

Jose Quintana with the keys to close the series.

Miguel’s 1st pitch is a strike

Tim Anderson with a lead off single (cancel the post game show)

Jose Abreu with a solo shot to open the scoring 1 to 0. Avi Garcia with a single

Miguel hit batter.

Bottom of 5th and Jason Coats with a double, Omar Narvaez with a single gets Jason home for a 2 to 0 Sox lead

They are managing Miguel and Dan Jennings has picked up the keys. Nasty Nate Jones on the way to get the keys from Dan to help home this lead, pond is full

Bottom of 8th and Timmy with a  walk and stolen base.

David Robertson in the office to close up shot for today. Even Robbie knew that was a foul ball

Lights out, Door closed, Robbie locks the door and this game is ova

Sox — 2 and Tigers — 0





Ready to set Sale

Back home at The Cell with Chris Sale in the office for Labor Day.

The Sox Roll has become to be a spoiler to those heading to the playoffs.

Chris has chosen the all whites today.

What a catch by Melky to save the home run, just another day at the office for him.

A solo shot and it’s a 1 to 0 Tigers lead.

Jose Abreu takes the first walk of the game for the Sox

Another solo shot by Cabrera and its a 2 to 0 Kitties lead.

Cancel the post game, Avi Garcia on with a double, Tyler Saladino with a single getting Avi home for a 2 to 1 Kitties lead.

Todd Frazier with a single in the bottom of the 4th, Todd just stole second,(Verlander never paid attention)

Jose with a single and Justin Morneau with a single of his own, in the bottom of the 6th.

Alex Avila just tied the score up at 2 all with a solo shot to right, Tim Anderson with a drop in single to get runners on the corners.

A single and E – 8 and the go ahead run is at 2nd.

Nasty Nate Jones got the offices keys from Chris.

David Robertson in the office.

Top of 11th —  Chris Beck picked up the keys from Robbie,  a 3 run homer the Tigers take the lead 5 to 2, after that shot Robin got the keys for a flip to Dan Jennings.

Home half of the 11th and Todd opens with a walk, getting to 2nd on a defense indifference. Avi with a single to center getting Todd home for a 5 to 3 Tigers lead.

**Final Score

Tigers — 5 and Sox — 3






Who got the Milk and Twinkies?

Game 2 in the series and Carlos Rodon in the office today.

Adam Eaton opens the Sox hitting with a single.

Tyler Saladino moves Adam over with a bunt. Jose Abreu with a single getting Adam home for a 1 to 0 lead.

Bottom of the 3rd The Twins add 3 for a 3 to 1 Sox lead

Jose on 1 pitch and a single to open the 4th inning,Jose out on the forces with Justin safe. Todd Frazier with a 2 run shot to tie the score at 3 all.

To Open the 5th, Adam with another single. Melky with a single, reaches 2nd on an error gets Adam home for a 4 to 3 lead. The home half the inning and its a tie ball game at 4 all.

Justin walks to open the 6th – Avi with a single, getting home on a Carlos Sanchez double for a 5 to 4 Sox lead.

Omar Narvaez with a walk to tart the 8th inning. Carlos on at 2nd with an Sac E-1, Adam given a free pass to 1st, Tyler with a Sac Fly scoring Omar for a 6 to 4 Sox lead. Jose knocks in a pair (Carlos and Adam coming home) 8 to 4 Sox lead, Justin walks, Todd with a walk,

Look out, nasty Nate has the office keys from Carlos.

Top of the 9th – Omar walks, Carlos with a single, Adam with a double getting Omar home for a 9 to 4 lead, Melky gets Adam and Carlos home for an 11 to 4 lead.

MIchael Ynoa in to lock up the office.

Final Score — Sox 11 and Twins – 4